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​The Criminal Justice Training Center provides peace officer training courses in a professional environment for those attempting to become peace officers in the State of Texas in accordance with the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement.​

The mission of the University of Houston-​Downtown Criminal Justice Training Center is dedicated to providing quality, professional instruction to future and current peace officer professionals. Utilizing our staff instructors in conjunction with subject matter experts in the state and nationally, we provide today’s officers with the tools they need to serve their communities safely, effectively, and professionally according to the standards of the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement.  ​

All Programs are offered in accordance with the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement standards and include:​

Basic Peace Officer Course- TCOLE reporting number 1000696

  • ​​​Provides students with training for the law enforcement profession for completion of the Basic Peace Officer Course requirement to become a peace officer in the State of Texas

​​Continuing Education course for law enforcement in accordance with TCOLE

  • A variety of continuing education topics are offered at the request of departments to meet training needs.
  • Quarterly Calendar page 
  • Agency on-site training requests should be directed to the CJTC Director, at
  • All courses offered as continuing education are in accordance with TCOLE standards​​


If you have any questions, or need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact Director Steven Bracken via email at​.

Last updated 5/18/2022 4:57 AM