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Criminal and Social Justice Research Lab

What is the Mission of the Criminal and Social Justice Research Lab?

The Criminal and Social Justice Research Lab’s mission is to partner with local, regional, and national criminal and social justice organizations to assist with implementing evidence-based practices that improve people’s lives. Through research, technical assistance, consulting, and training, we offer support to agencies and organizations that need assistance in developing or improving their current practices.

What is the Vision of the Criminal and Social Justice Research Lab?

The Criminal and Social Justice Research Lab will become the region’s premier resource for addressing criminal and social justice issues and serve as a model for the nation.

What Services are Provided by the Criminal and Social Justice Research Lab?


  • Partner with agencies on grant/proposal writing. 
  • Conduct exploratory, qualitative, and quantitative outcome studies. 
  • Assist agencies with analyzing their existing data to aid in data-informed decision-making. 
  • Provide literature reviews on specific need areas to help agencies make decisions grounded in research.

Technical Assistance/Consultation:

  • Assist agencies to select what data to collect and monitor what would aid them in effective decision-making. 
  • Assist agencies to identify intermediate measures that track program implementation and success. 
  • Conduct program evaluations with recommendations to improve evidence-based strategies. 
  • Provide assistance in new program design/development. 
  •  Provide assistance in program implementation or re-design for existing programs. 
  • Assist with agency and legislative policy development.


  • Provide organizations and agencies with training and workshop opportunities that address a specific need. 
  • Provide in house workshops and trainings by experts in the field to inform agencies about evidence-based strategies.
  • Provide organizations and agencies trainings and workshops to inform them regarding a legislative policy or change.

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