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November 2016

​- Social Work faculty submitted their completed self-study for the reaffirmation of the program by the Council on Social Work Education. The preliminary review is positive and the site visit will take place in early February, 2017!

- Five faculty members in the Department of Urban Education have had papers presentations accepted for the peer-reviewed American Educational Research Conference. This conference is one of the most prestigious outside of those that would be prestigious for their particular content areas. AERA reports that they received 13,000 submissions this year. These faculty members are Beverly Alford, Ron Beebe, Crystal Belle, Diane Miller, and Bernardo Pohl, ​Jacqueline Sacks, M​att Fugates. 

- Janice Ahmad's paper, "Police Officer Involved Domestic Violence" has been accepted for presentation at the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences annual meeting. 

- Franklin Allaire and Bernardo Pohl's proposal, "Narrative From the Field; A Case Study Examining the Mentoring and Inductions Experience," was accepted for presentation at the Ethnographic Qualitative Research Conference. 

- Teryana Lamb and Carol Boethel will represent the College of Public Service at the upcoming Performance Analysis for College of Education Reports/Center for Research, Evaluation, and Advancement of Teacher Education Conference where they will review current reporting and learn what additional data may be available and of importance to us as we proceed with national accreditation. 

- Crystal Belle's proposal, "Literacies of Advocacy: Youth Voice and Multiple Literacies for Social Change" has been accepted for presentation at the national Council of Teachers of English Conference. 

- Judith Harris has accepted an appointment to the Student Research Conference 2017 Planning Committee. 

- Diane Miller's proposal, "Scaling Up Advocacy Efforts" has been accepted for presentation at the National Council of Teacher's of English Conference. 

- Rebecca Pfeffer's paper, "Childhood Victimization in a National Sample of Youth With Autism Spectrum Disorders" was published in the Journal of Policy and Practice in Intellectual Disabilities.

- Crystal Belle hosted a Racial Literacies at UHD forum on October 19th titled Latinx Students in Higher Education Spaces with guest speaker, Blanca Bega, postdoctoral research fellow at the Institute for Urban and Minority Education at Columbia University. 

- Judith Harris' paper, "Negotiated Control of Lived Space in Urban Environments: A Theoretical Critique" was published in the 2016 Asian Association of Police Studies Conference Proceedings. 

- Diane Miller and students have received the first Faculty Involved in Research Studies with for Transformation (FIRST) grant awarded in the college based upon the acceptance of proposals for concurrent conferences, The American Association of Behavioral and Social Sciences and the Conference on Academic Research in Education, and the Ethnographic and Qualitative Research Conference. 

- Beth Gilmore's paper, "Blue Views and King and Queens of Swing," has been accepted for presentation at the American Society of Criminology Conference. 

- Matt Fugate's proposal, "Addressing the Needs of Today's Gifted Learner: Putting Research into Practice," has been accepted for presentation at the National Association for Gifted Children Conference. 

- Lori Lovins' paper, "Inside the Black Box of Treatment: An Empirical Examination of Program Design," has been accepted for presentation at the American Society of Criminology Conference. 

- Krista Gehring's paper, "Are There Gender Differences in the Risk Factors for Delinquency,: has been accepted for the American Society of Criminology Conference. While there, she will also have a poster session to promote the first two issues of her theory of criminology work, CrimComics

- Kevin Buckler's paper, "Blue Views: Qualitative Interviews with Police Officers on Recent High Profile Cases," and "The King and Queen of Swing: An Analysis of Justices Anthony Kennedy and Sandra O'Connor Swing," have been accepted for presentation at the Academy of Criminal Justice Science Conference. 

- Matt Fugate's proposal, "Equity in Identifying Underserved Populations: The Hope Scale," has been accepted for presentation at the Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented Conference. 

- Krista Gehring and the members of Alpha Phi Sigma hosted a panel of experts to discuss "Tackling Substance Abuse in Criminal Justice Populations" in the vitalvoices College of Public Service Speaker Series event held on October 18, 2016. 

- The College of Public Service thanks Nina Barbieri, Kevin Buckler, Myrna Cohan, Colin Dalton, Anna Esparza, Matt Fugate, Beth Gilmore, Angie Goins, Heather Goltz, Mercedes Gonzales, Cynthia Hartman, Lee Smith, and Laura Halloway Valentine as well as the representative from our student organizations for their participation in the October 29, 2016 Fall Open House at UHD. 

- Congratulations to Cynthia Hartman in the College of Public Service Advising Center on her recent promotion to Advising Assistant!

- Congratulations to Michael Cavanaugh who has been elected to office as the Second Vice President of the South West Association of Criminal Justice. 

- Shanaz Savani has accepted an appointment to the University Committee, Center for Teacher and Learning Excellence Online Support Committee. 

- Heather Goltz, Judith Harris, Laura Mitchell, Rebecca Pfeffer, Bernardo Pohl, and Jacqueline Sack shared reflections and insights on their process and progress in scholarly and creative work a the inaugural Symposium of Supported Scholarship and Creativity on October 19th 5:30 - 7:30 p.m. Participants noted the obvious passion of the faculty members and the "extraordinary work coming out of the College of Public Service!

- Hsiao-Ming Wang's paper, "Information and Communications Technology: A Framework to Prevent ATMs Hacking," has been accepted for presentation at the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences Conference. 

- Colin Dalton's proposal, "Scaffolding Poetry or English Language Learners" has been accepted for presentation at the TexTESOL IV Regional Conference. 

- Judith Harris' paper, "Demographic and Kernal Density Extinction of Robbery in Downtown Houston," has been accepted for presentation at the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences Conference. 

- Welcome to Dr. Sharon Noel who joins us as the Assistant Director of​ Assessment!​

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