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October 2016

​​​- Clete Snell will serve on the Faculty Senate Executive Committee, representing the College of Public Service. 

- Janice Ahmad will serve on the university Academic Policies Committee.

- Bernardo Pohl published an article, "Social education for the disabled: Standing at the margin of social justice," in the Journal of Social Studies and History Education. 

- Rebecca Pfeffer's piece, "Labor Day and every day, we should talk about labor trafficking," was published in The Houston Chronicle on August 31st

- Teryana Lamb, our Coordinator for Teacher Certification and Compliance, had completed her Ed.D. in Educational Leadership at Texas Southern University. Congratulations, Dr. Teryana Lamb!

- Mike Cavanaugh's paper, "Making sausage: A faculty member's perspective on serving on campus carry committee," was accepted for presentation at the Southwestern Association of Criminal Justice. 

- Bernardo Pohl's paper, "Narratives from the field: Examining the experiences of a first-year special education teacher,"  was accepted for presentation at the Consortium of State Organizations for Texas Teacher Education Conference. 

- Nina Barbieri's paper, "Protective and risk factor's for delinquency and drug use," was accepted for presentation at the American Society of Criminology annual conference. 

- Crystal Belle was a member of a panel, "100% investment: Moving from zero tolerance policies to restorative justice practices," at the Latino Young Men and Boys in Search of Justice: My Brother's Keeper Forum hosted at the University of Houston-Downtown on September 30th

- Rebecca Pfeffer's paper, "Prostitution and human trafficking: A shift in community understanding, law enforcement culture, and enforcement practices: was accepted for presentation at the American Society of Criminology Annual Conference.

- Franklin Allaire's son, Thomas Akira Allaire was born at 8:11 a.m. on September 30, 2016!

- Clete Snell's paper, "Veteran's court and recidivism: outcome of a mature veteran's court," was accepted for presentation at the American Society of Criminology Annual Conference. 

- Amelia Hewitt's paper, "Talk, think, teach: Notification storybooks spark questions with infants, toddlers, and Pre-k students,: was accepted for presentation at the Texas Association for the Education of the Young Child Conference. 

- Lori Lovins proposal to purchase the award winning documentary film, Evolution of a Criminal, was accepted and this film will be purchased by the UHD library. 

- Lucia Cardenas, a doctoral candidate in Bilingual Education from the University of Texas, spoke to us on "Texturing with multimodal texts across content areas: A multiliteracies approach to teaching and learning." This was the first event in our vitalvoices Speaker Series in the College of Public Service. Cardenas is also the first to visit UHD as part of the emerging scholar initiative. 

- Jace Valcore's paper, "Systematic error: The measurement of sex/gender in criminological research,: was accepted for presentation at the American Society of Criminology Conference. 

- Larry Karson's paper, "Carpet salesman and plea bargains: A preliminary inquiry into the power of the prosecutor," was accepted for presentation at the Justice, Diversity, and Criminal Justice Reform Conference. 

- Hsiao-Ming Wang's paper, "Nigerian immigrant's perception of the police: An exploratory study of the impact of contact with police," was published in the proceedings of the Annual Conference of the Asian Association of Police Studies. 

- Beth Pelz's paper, "In the beginning... and 35 years later: Interviews with a prison gang member," was accepted for presentation at the American Society of Criminology Conference. 

- Irene Chen published a paper, "Cyberethics, Cybersafety, and Cybersecurity at Schools," in the International Journal of Cyber Ethics in Education. 

- On September 21st Crystal Belle launched the Racial Literacy Series of Conversations and Symposia at UHD. This project, funded by an ORCA grant began with "Education​ matters: Policing, literacy and mass incarceration in a 'post racial' society" featuring Dr. Jamila Lyiscott, postdoctoral fellow, Columbia University. 

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