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Urban Education Majors

For Urban Education majors there is a three step process in formal admission into the program. A student with an intent to declare as an Urban Education major enters the university with a pre–major status. 
Once a pre–major earns a GPA of 2.3 in 30 credit hours that will count toward the degree, successfully completes MATH 1301, ENGL 1301, and ENGL 1302 with a grade of “C” or higher, and has completed the Life/Physical Sciences component of the Common Core, the student is qualified to be declared an Urban Education major. Declaration as an Urban Education major is automatic once all requirements are met. 
To achieve the final step, Admission into the Urban Education program of study, the declared major must submit an application to the Department of Urban Education (with a personal statement) and be interviewed. In addition, to be fully admitted a student must be TSI and Common Core complete, have a UHD GPA of 2.5 or higher, be in good academic standing with the university, and have completed the two course sequence of the American History and the two course sequence in Life/Physical Sciences, respectively, and earned a grade of “C” or higher in each of these four courses. To be admitted a student must complete and submit the application form
Urban Education students that have attained the status of Declared or Admitted are advised on the 4th Floor of the Commerce Building. 

​Student Last Name
​Assigned CPS Advisor
​Contact Information
​Urban Education
​A through Le
​Anna Esparza, 
Assistant Director of Advising
​Urban Education
​Li through Z
​Terrilyn Ratcliff
​Urban Education
​Pathways Grant
​Tream Charvis
​Urban Education
​Pathways Grant -
UHD-LSCS Kingwood
​Tan Tidwell
2000 Kingwood Dr. Kingwood, TX 77339

Urban Education pre–major students are advised in the AAC (university Academic Advising Center). 

The CAC is located in Suite 320 of the One Main Building. 

​College Assigned
​AAC Advisor
​Contact Information
​College of Public Service
​Advisor I
​Laura Valentine
​College of Public Service
​Advisor II
​Tristan Jackson
​College of Public Service
​Assistant Director of Advising, working with College of Public Service intended majors
​Donna Dodson-Tibbs

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