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Social Work Majors

An admitted Social Work student gets advised by a dedicated Social Work advisors. To be an admitted Social Work major a student must meet the program admission requirements. These are listed on the BSW Admissions page maintained by the program of study.

Student Last Name
Assigned CPS Advisor
Contact Information
Social Work
A through Z
Justin Burton

A student interested in the Social Work program but has not yet met the requirements for admission into the program is advised in the AAC (university Academic Advising Center). 

The AAC is located in Suite 320 of the One Main Building. 

College Assigned
AAC Advisor
Contact Information
College of Public Service
Advisor I
Bansari Moffee
College of Public Service
Advisor II
Tristan Jackson
College of Public Service
Assistant Director of Advising, working with College of Public Service intended majors
Donna Dodson-Tibbs

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