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College of Public Service

The mission of academic advising in the College of Public Service is to assist students in relating their needs, va​lues, abilities, and goals to the educational programs of Urban Education and Criminal Justice at the University of Houston-Downtown. In support of the University's mission statement, we recognize the need to address the diverse cultural and academic background of our students, while promoting academic excellence. Successful advising contributes to a significant goal of a college education-developing mature and self-directed students, capable of thinking, judging, and making appropriate decisions. Academic advising exists to help students gain the maximum educational and personal benefits from programs in the College of Public Service.

The College of Public Service advisors facilitates the development of these benefits by knowing the resources of the institution, by understanding the needs and goals of individuals, and by bringing these elements together in the development of meaningful educational plans. Our department encourages students and academic advisors to engage with one another on an individual basis. Academic advisors and students work together to craft a unique, individual academic plan based upon each student's strengths, weaknesses, education background and goals.

The College of Public Service Advising Center views the advising relationship as an on-going conversation that transcends mere course selection and attempts to assist students as they explore the breadth of the curriculum, experience college life, focus on their chosen major or minor concentration, and prepare for life after college. We are committed to providing the individual advice and assistance that students need at every step throughout their degree programs. A successful system of academic advising is highly dependent upon a shared commitment of students, faculty and staff to the process and the availability of timely, accurate information.

Goals of advising

  • To assist students in their consideration and clarification of educational goals.
  • To assist students in developing an educations plan, college program, and selection of courses consistent with the student's goals and objectives.
  • To provide accurate information about institutional policies, procedures, resources, and programs.
  • To assist students in evaluation or re-evaluation of progress toward established goals and educational plans.
  • To make referrals to resources within and out of the college as appropriate.
  • To empower and encourage students to be self-directed learners.

An expert team of educators and community leaders helped design and implement the UHD urban education program, which includes certification in elementary education, secondary and bilingual education.

As a graduate of our teacher education program, you'll be expected to pass the TExES examination and qualify for certification as a classroom teacher. But you'll also have a much stronger academic preparation than the state requires. As a graduate of UHD's progressive urban education program, you'll be well ahead of other new teachers.

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