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Advising Philosophy of the College of Public Service

The mission of academic advising in the College of Public Service is to assist students in relating their needs, values, abilities, and goals to the educational programs of Urban Education and Criminal Justice at the University of Houston-Downtown.‚Äč

The Undergraduate Advising Approach of the CPS is informed by these five principles. 


Advising is done to provide a service to students and the academic departments/programs. Those who advise CPS students are mindful of the needs and values of the department/program, and strive to aid students in their understanding of the department/program vision. 


Our advisors are passionate about student success and do our utmost to help students feel welcome and valued. 


Academic advising exists to help students gain the maximum educational and personal benefits from programs in the CPS. This is a cooperative endeavor. Academic advisors and students work together to craft a unique, individual academic plan based upon each student's strengths, weaknesses, educational background and goals. 


Successful advising contributes to a significant goal of a college education: developing mature and self-directed students who are capable of thinking, judging, and making appropriate decisions. Advisors work toward facilitation of a student who is knowledgeable of his or her degree plan requirements, informed about career opportunities, and understands how to independently attain and verify information. 


A successful system of academic advising is highly dependent upon a shared commitment of students, faculty and staff to the process and the availability of timely, accurate information. Our advisors are dedicated to providing accurate information about institutional policies, procedures, resources, and programs. 

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