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UHD Faculty-led Programs

UHD Faculty-led Programs Spring 2020


UHD Study Abroad In China

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Since the implementation of economic reform in 1979, 
China has accelerated its economic growth to become world’s second largest economy 
and world’s largest manufacturing economy. An important aspect of growth for China's
 trade with rest of the world and the U.S. is its unequal attention to development of
logistics and supply chain infrastructure complemented by effective and efficient 
utilization of its abundant natural and human resources.

Dr. Rupak Rauniar:   
Dr. Isaac Elking:

UHD Study Abroad in Italy

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Through this study abroad program students will have a chance to actively engage in, directly observe, and better understand the meaning of cultural and communication codes, the value of musical masterpieces in the performance tradition of Italy through direct access to concert and resources at the Orfeo Music Festival, and norms and public relations policies through trips 
to various local businesses and meeting with their public relations leaders. Additional opportunities to further classroom learning will include the practical application of learned concepts on day trips to locations of special interest, participation in special lectures, workshops, and master classes, including Italian language classes in Vipiteno, trips and meetings with local businesses and the 
surrounding region including Venice, Italy, and Salzburg, Austria.

Dr. Jackson:        
Dr. Mitha:

UHD Spanish in Costa Rica

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Students will be immersed in the study of Spanish language and Latin American culture, improving their language skills and developing an appreciation for the people, culture and history of Costa Rica while staying with a Costa Rican family.  You will take 2 classes (6 credit hours) that can be used as part of a Spanish minor, electives or to fulfill degree language requirements. During the week after class, we have activities such as dance lessons, Costa Rican cooking classes, visit to the Capital San Jose, visit to the Market, some community service. Students who have completed SPAN 1402 or taken the Spanish Placement Test and placed into intermediate Spanish may take Intermediate Spanish I and Intermediate Spanish II while in Costa Rica. Students who have been placed into SPAN 3301 Advance Grammar and Composition or have already taken it, may take two upper-level courses,  Latin American Literature and Culture and Civilization of Latin America.

Contact(s): Dr. Albert DeJesus:

UHD Children’s Literature Tour of England and France


Visit the birthplaces and workplaces of world-renowned authors such as C.S. Lewis, William 
Shakespeare, Roald Dahl, J.K. Rowling, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, Gertrude 
Stein, Victor Hugo, Ludwig Bemelmans, and Charles Perrault. If you are a previous or current 
READ 3305 student, then we invite you to apply the theoretical knowledge of children’s and 
young adult literature gained through the course in an authentic setting. Embrace this 
incredible opportunity to contextualize your learning as you tour key historical sites in 
England, such as Westminster Abbey, St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Tower of London, Stratford-
upon-Avon, and Oxford University, and in France, such as the Château de Breteuil, Musée 
d’Orsay, and Shakespeare and Company book store. 
The eleven-day trip is planned for May 17-27, 2020.

Contact(s): Dr. Miller:

UHD Honors Study Abroad: Scandinavia & Arctic Circle


The two week study abroad trip is the experiential component of the Honors section of the Interdisciplinary Studies Special Topics course "Travelers and Tourists: A History of the Traveler's Experience." The course focuses on the history of travel, tourism, and travel writing. The study abroad trip to Sweden, Finland, and Norway offers students a unique opportunity to connect more deeply with the study of travel through their own experience as a tourist. Completion of the course and its travel component fulfills the University Honors Program’s study abroad requirement.  Participation is limited to students in the University Honors Program enrolled in the Honors section of ISS 4390 or Honors students engaged in a pre-approved Honors contract related to the course content. If space is available and at the discretion of the director of the Honors Program, students who are not in the Honors Program may be given permission to enroll in ISS 4390. 

UHD in Ghana


Spring Break 2020 Community Engagement

quito-group.jpgService Abroad in Ecuador

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