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Professional Writing Faculty - Anthony Chiaviello

Photograh of Anthony Chiaviello

Anthony Chiaviello

Associate Professor

Office: S1030

Dr. Chiaviello joined UHD in 1999, and teaches environmental writing, writing for the media, and history and theory courses in rhetoric.  He earned the PhD in rhetoric and professional communication in 1998 at New Mexico State University, writing a dissertation that analyzed the rhetoric of the environmental conflict over private livestock grazing on the public lands of the American West.  Chiaviello previously earned the MA in mass communications at the University of Denver, the AB in liberal arts at Oberlin College, and an AA at Kauai Community College in Lihue, Hawaii.              

Professional Experience Outside of Academia
Prior to taking up college teaching in 1987, Chiaviello was a business public relations representative in Boston and Cincinnati working with high-technology industries, including telecom, aerospace, and satellite communications.  He served as an Army journalist and photographer during the Vietnam War, with the US Army’s 1st Signal Brigade in Saigon and An Khe, Vietnam, after which he edited the post newspaper at Ft. Huachuca, Arizona. Chiaviello attended college on the GI Bill and has been active in professional writing for many years, having published a wide variety of nonfiction articles.

Ph.D. in English New Mexico State University

  • ENG 1302: Freshman Composition II
  • ENG 3302: Technical Report Writing
  • ENG 3305: Advanced Essay Writing
  • ENG 3316: History of Rhetoric
  • ENG 3317: Studies in Rhetorical Theory
  • ENG 3329: Environmental Writing
  • ENG 3333/Comm 3311: Writing for the Media
  • ENG 3371/Comm 3301: Critical Public Relations
  • ENG 3399: Directed Study in English
  • ENG 4323: Magazine Feature Writing
  • ENG 4360: Publications Workshop
  • ENG 5304: Proseminar in Professional Writing
  • ENG 5317: Rhetorical Theory & Criticism
  • ENG 6312: Ethical and Legal Issues in Professional Writing
  • ENG 6399: Directed Study in Ethics

​His doctoral studies include a dissertation on the rhetoric of the environmental debate, focusing on public lands, as well as a number of courses in rhetorical theory, social theory, and geography to support my specialty. His master’s degree is in mass communications, focusing on writing, specifically writing for film (screenplays, treatments). He has taught freshman English and other basic English courses at a number of institutions as well as courses in technical writing and journalism, literature and rhetoric. He teaches ethics and rhetorical theory in the graduate program at UHD and have published in both fields. Prior to entering academia in 1999, he spent 20 years in a variety of professional positions closely related to writing, public relations, media, community relations, public speaking, and so on. His credentials include the doctorate in English, MA in mass comm., bachelor’s degree from one of the top private liberal arts colleges in the country, as well as both teaching and attendance at several community colleges in highly diverse communities. He has certificates in military journalism and Spanish translation. His scholarly research interests and creative endeavors include the writings and life of English novelist Graham Greene, environmental rhetoric and ethics, the Sagebrush Rebellion in its several incarnations, as well as environmental issues generally, currently focusing on resource overconsumption, population growth, and climate change. He has received two grants for teaching projects, two student awards, and two decorations for service to the state of New Jersey.

​Research interests include travel writing and the environment, while a continuing, long-term project involves the formulation of an “ecological ethics” – an emerging form of environmental ethics based on the scientific principles of ecology.

Dr. Chiaviello published a seminal article on this concept in the Chinese journal, Tamkang Review in 2006, and has co-authored environmental and geographical encyclopedia articles with his writing students.

A recent project was a 2009 presentation at an interdisciplinary conference in Berlin, Germany, on the British author Graham Greene and his travels in Mexico.


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