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Students enrolled in the Spanish B.A. program acquire a global perspective as they explore the second most-widely spoken language in the world (over 500 million speakers in 23 countries) through its structure, literature, and culture. Additionally, students acquire highly-marketable skills such as translation, critical reading, clear writing, cultural competency, adaptability to different environments, and becoming creative innovators of ideas that are the result of observing and studying other cultures.

Many Spanish B.A. students combine their studies with other areas to prepare them for twenty-first century career opportunities such as international business, social justice and government, interpreting and translation, analytical linguistics, healthcare, law enforcement, community outreach, and education.

Degree Information

The following four year degree plan is based on the UHD 2016-2017 academic catalog. Students should meet with a UHD Academic Advisor to develop their own plan.

Graduates of the UHD Spanish program will

  • Write effective business letters and research papers supporting coherent arguments and analysis
  • Deliver clear and comprehensible oral presentations in academic Spanish
  • Engage in and understand professional-level conversations in Spanish
  • Recognize at least three regional variants of spoken Spanish



UHD Spanish students will complete a concentration in a field of academic study that suits their professional goals. The academic study of Spanish language and culture positions students for employment opportunities in which bilingualism is an asset. Most people with foreign language ability use those skills in different career fields such as:

  • Business
  • Education
  • Journalism
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Translation and interpretation
  • Law & Government Services

Suggested Minors

  • Creative Writing - 18 Hours Minimum
  • Ethnic Studies - 18 Hours Minimum
  • Professional Writing - 18 Hours Minimum
  • History - 18 Hours Minimum

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