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Andrew Pavelich

Photograph of Andrew Pavelich

Andrew Pavelich

Associate Professor of Philosophy

Office: N1047

Received a B.A. in Philosophy from Fort Lewis College in 1994, and a Ph.D. in Philosophy from Tulane University in 1999. Taught at Illinois Wesleyan University before moving to UHD in 2003. Currently the coordinator for Philosophy.

Ph.D. thesis was on Rene Descartes, and his philosophy of mathematics. Also published on the relationship between God and time, as well as John Locke's view of personal identity.

Ph.D. in Philosophy from Tulane University in 1999

B.A. in Philosophy from Fort Lewis College in 1994

UHD 1304: Freshman Seminar

PHIL 1301: Introduction to Philosophy

PHIL 2301: Ancient Philosophy

PHIL 2302: Modern Philosophy

PHIL 2305: Introduction to Ethics

PHIL 2310: The Meaning of Life

PHIL 3301: Moral Philosophy I

PHIL 3310: Moral Philosophy II

PHIL 3304: Logic

PHIL 3317: Philosophy of Race

PHIL 3320: Environmental Ethics

PHIL 3322: World Religions

PHIL 3323: Philosophy of Religion

PHIL 3384: Symbolic Logic

PHIL 3386: Philosophy of Death

PHIL 4312: Descartes

​Dr. Pavelich is a tenured Professor of Philosophy at UHD.  He received his Ph.D. in Philosophy from Tulane university.  He has published papers on the historical philosophers Rene Descartes and John Locke, as well as on the Philosophy of Religion.  This expertise has translated to the classroom with classes on Modern Philosophy, World Religions, and Philosophy of Religion.  In addition, he has won a teaching award, and has taught a wide variety of subjects in Philosophy, from ethics and logic to the philosophy of death and the meaning of life.

Finalist for UHD's award for excellence in teaching in 2013

Winner of UHD's award for excellence in teaching in 2014


“Pet Health Care Ethics”, forthcoming in What Philosophy Can Tell You About Your Cat, ed. Steven Hales, for Open Court Press, 2008.

“Science After the End of the World”, in Sci-Fi in The Mind’s Eye: Reading Science Through Science Fiction, ed. Margret Grebowicz, Open Court Press, 2007.

“On the Idea that God is Continuously Re-Creating the Universe”, Sophia, volume 46, No. 1, May 2007; “Locke on the Possibility of Thinking Matter”, Locke Studies, volume 6.

“The Moral Problem with the Free Will Defense of the Problem of Evil”, The Heythrop Journal, 2018

“The Light From Friendship”, in Hannibal Lecter and Philosophy, ed. Joseph Westfall, Open Court Press, 2016.  

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