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Arts and Communication Department - University of Houston- Downtown

University of Houston- Downtown
One Maine Street
Houston, TX 77002

Internship Dates:
Fall 2009. First day of the UHD semester and the duration of the internship will extend through the last class day.

Internship Description

Students with an interest in one or more of the following: performance, teaching, consulting, or graduate school in communication would greatly benefit. The intern will work with Dr. Hank Roubicek, Angela Willibring, (Associate Editor at Kendall/Hunt), and the multimedia production staff at UHD. The intern will be responsible for an average of six working hours per week. The raw labor will be distributed between conceptualization, rehearsal, and narration. The filming schedule will be made with Mr. Lloyd Matzner, and the careful monitoring of expected activities and responsibilities by Dr. Roubicek.

Learning Objectives
This intern will have the chance to work with three distinct segments of a production team, and will become integral to the completion of a project guaranteed to be seen, appreciated, and evaluated by hundreds of students enrolled in a Fundamentals course at a variety of colleges and universities. Beyond the experience gained, this intern will receive full citation on the online narrative.

Specific Duties Include:

Specific Duties:To help design and implement a series of sample communication events and encounters to be included in an online narrative text to accompany a new textbook in Fundamentals of Communication, published by Kendall/Hunt. This intern will be responsible for describing, illustrating, and debriefing a variety of applications of principles traditionally taught in a fundamentals “hybrid” course.

Contact Name and Number
Dr. Hank Roubicek
Professor, Arts and Humanities

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