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UHD iRadio Internship​


Positions Anticipated: At least 2 interns are needed for each position

Program Strategist: Plan the structure and schedule of content for the 2018 fall semester. Research programs needs and provide detailed program outline.

Social Media & Marketing Coordinator: Develop holistic social media strategy with the goal to; increase followers, create content, utilize platform data, and establish schedule. Will document the internship activities during the summer.

Digital & Technology Coordinator: Will manage and develop the archive platform. Establish archiving process and develop instruction manual. Develop additional tech frameworks and guidelines. Will work with the Social Media & Marketing team to update the iRadio web page. Conduct performance assessment and provide report on metrics and suggestions for improvement.

Development Strategy: Main goals will include; engaging UHD departments and other entities to listen to and support the radio; Develop strategic partnerships within the university; Establish presence on UHD main page. Will develop on boarding manual for incoming interns.

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