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Humanities Portfolio Course (HUM 4098)

The portfolio course for the BA in Humanities at UHD is a non-credit course that students are required to complete prior to graduation. Not to worry: there are no new books to read, and no new assignments to prepare. The purpose of the class is to help us in identifying strengths and weaknesses in our current programs, and in planning our curricula and future degree requirements.

There are three things you need to complete HUM 4098, and you will upload all three via your UHD Blackboard account:

  1. an electronic copy of your term paper from HUM 4350, Senior Seminar;
  2. an electronic copy of one other substantial (i.e., at least 10 pages) writing assignment from one of your upper-level courses; and
  3. a completed humanities exit exam.

Uploading papers

​To upload your papers, simply log on to your Blackboard account and access your HUM 4098 course. You will see a folder labeled Things to upload. Click on that, follow the links to HUM 4350 Term paper, and upload your senior seminar paper. Next, go to the folder labeled Writing sample 2, and upload another term paper of your choice. Voilà! You're finished with the writing samples.  You can upload your papers in .doc, .docx, .rtf, or .odt format.

Exit Exam

Next, you have to complete your exit exam of general knowledge in the humanities. Although there is no passing or failing score on this exam, it is required of all graduating students enrolled in the Humanities portfolio course. It should take you about 45 minutes to complete. Here is how you do it.


​1. Go to your UHD Blackboard site for HUM 4098. Click on the button labeled Things to download. That will take you to a link labeled BA HUM EXAM.

  1. When you click on the BA HUM EXAM button, you will be prompted to download a zipped or compressed file on your hard drive.
    IMPORTANT: Your web browser will show you a prompt that gives you the options Open with or Save File. You must select Save File, and save the zipped folder on your hard drive. Remember where you have saved it!
  2. In order to use this folder, you will first have to unzip it. Most computers come with the software you need to unzip folders. In most cases, you just click on top of a zipped file, and follow the prompts. If you are running a Windows machine, you can also right-click the zipped folder and select Extract all, then follow the prompts. Whichever way you do it, be sure to remember where the unzipped folder is on your hard drive. Once it's unzipped, it's ready to use. Contact your professor or the IT Help desk if you need assistance in unzipping files. You can also download the free, cross-platform utility called Zip Creator if your computer does not seem to be cooperating.

Last updated 4/4/2022 9:41 AM