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LatinasAchieve Mentor Spotlight​

Maria Del Pilar Montes

Maria Del Pilar Montes

LatinasAchieve! [LA]: What is your Professional Title/Position?

Maria Montes [MM]: Director of Boards and Commissions, City of Houston

LA: Tell us about your Educational Background:

MM: I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies from Hollins University in 2009 and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Houston-Downtown in 2017

LA: What is your involvement with Latinas Achieve?

MM:  I am currently a Latinas Achieve mentor

LA:What has been your most memorable/rewarding experience as a Latinas Achieve! mentor so far?

MM: Getting to meet current students at UHD and just answering their questions.

LA: What do you love most about your current position/career? Why?

MM: I love that I get to find talented individuals from diverse backgrounds to present to the mayor for board appointments. Although they may not always be selected, I enjoy meeting new people and learning about their cool jobs. It is certainly rewarding to see someone get appointed and be excited about it. What I do is beyond me, and I like that.

LA: What role has mentorship played in your career success?

MM: Believe me, no one can do this role alone. I have mentors I reach out to, I also work with various chamber of commerce boards. I can’t possibly know everyone in this city, so I go to others with large networks to find talent.

LA: What would you like to see change in your profession/community in the future?

MM: I would love for women to stop doubting themselves and say “why not me”? I have encountered this in my role and I am still shocked. I guess often times others see greatness in us that we don’t see ourselves. I want our future Latinas to be bold and embrace challenges.

LA: Are there currently any opportunities available in your profession for students?

MM: Students are always welcomed to intern in my office.

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