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Latinas Achieve

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Latinas Achieve

A Mentorship Program for Latina students at the University of Houston-Downtown

Latinas Achieve is a mentorship experience specially designed to empower Latina students at the University of Houston-Downtown. The Center for Latino Studies, in collaboration with the Office of Alumni Relations, launched the program in Fall 2018 to cultivate the talents of Houston’s next generation of Latina leaders. Towards that end, Latinas Achieve partnered with some of Houston’s most powerful Latina professionals, community leaders, and entrepreneurs to inspire our students to dream big, while equipping them with the tools they need to reach their goals.

Latinas Achieve is the first and only program specifically dedicated to the academic and professional success of Latinas, the single largest student population at the University of Houston-Downtown. Although this student population is enrolling in institutions of higher education at unprecedented rates, Latinas face unique challenges impacting their ability to remain in good academic standing, graduate with a college degree, and gain the crucial professional skills they need to launch their careers as alumnae. Consequently, their expanded presence in colleges has not translated to the greater Latina representation in leadership roles. Latinas Achieve seeks to change this reality by cultivating a supportive community of students, faculty, and civic and corporate partners dedicated to the retention, graduation, and professional development of our Latina students.

Research shows that students who see themselves and their communities represented in the curriculum feel more invested in their learning, achieve higher levels of academic success, and even graduate at higher rates than students whose experiences remain on the margins. Therefore, Latinas Achieve offers the UHD community a full calendar of experiences that encourage Latina students to learn, build relationships, and develop their academic and professional trajectories in a supportive, culturally-sensitive environment. Students who participate in the program...

  • Network with some of Houston’s most successful Latina professionals, entrepreneurs, and community leaders;
  • Hear from prominent Latinas how they overcame to achieve professional success;
  • Apply for special scholarship opportunities for Latinas
  • Develop valuable leadership skills through workshops and trainings led by Latinas;
  • Engage with leading Latina scholars and activists;
  • Gain access to Houston’s finest arts and cultural establishments;
  • Explore new career possibilities;
  • Build community with other Latina students and alumnae.

By centering Latina experiences within the University’s co-curricular programming, Latinas Achieve fosters a greater sense of belonging for Latina students on our campus, and ultimately increases the retention, graduation, and professionalization of our Latina students.

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