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The mission of the Men of Color Success Programs is to create educational intervention and support for males of color enrolled at the University of Houston-Downtown in an effort to increase retention and graduation rates of this special population.


The vision of the Men of Color Success Programs is to be instrumental in setting males of color on pathways leading to academic, personal, and professional success.


The purpose of the Men of Color Success Programs is to expose males of color to a variety of resources with the intent to promote academic, career, and professional development as well as support the cultural and emotional wellbeing of students.


The Pillars of the Men of Color Success Programs are based on the values of our Men of L.E.G.A.C.I. program.

Leadership: Leading in school, in our families, communities, and professions
Excellence: Striving to give our best effort in all areas of our lives
Grades: Achieving our best in academics and educational development
Access: Utilizing campus and support resources
Collaboration: Community and campus support, Staying involved to give back
Identity: Becoming more self and culturally aware as a man of color.


The program four values are based on the Men of L.E.G.A.C.I. Student Success Program pillars, which are Completion, Impact the World, Brotherhood, Light the Way.

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