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What is Technical Communication?

Technical communication involves transmitting information as effectively and efficiently as possible to a targeted audience. Professions in this field include medical writing, science writing, grant writing, technical editing, communication management, public relations, and instructional design.

Technical communicators have median incomes higher than the national average!

Average median salary for tech writers bar chart for 2017 

Average Median Salary for 2017 for Technical Writers - $59,039

What is the Master of Science in Technical Communication Program?

The Master of Science in Technical Communication (MSTC) program requires 33 hours beyond the bachelor degree, 6 hours of which include a final track project. The MSTC program provides graduates with writing, design, and management skills based on rhetorical principles. Graduates will gain document production skills, conduct audience analysis and usability testing, and study project management and the ethical and global implications of technical communication.

The MSTC program is designed for:

  • Professional writers seeking promotions to managerial positions
  • Medical professionals seeking to produce medical and science writing materials
  • Professionals in engineering, science, and technology fields seeking skills in project management and writing results-oriented documents
  • Public relations and corporate training professionals wanting to expand employment options
  • Students seeking a foundation for doctoral studies or teaching technical communication at community colleges

As an MSTC student you can tailor your degree based on your career path:

Intercultural Communication
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    Develop skills to write with plain language and to communicate in the global marketplace with sensitivity to multicultural audiences.

  • Science and Medical Communication
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    Master preparing lab reports, information graphics, grants, and results-oriented documents.​

  • Usability Research​
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    Develop skills in user-center testing and design of websites, manuals, and consumer-related projects.

  • Public Relations
  • e

    Exercise best practices of public relations and advertising in print, online, and social networks.​​​

  • ​​​Instructional Design
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    ​Use technology to develop and deliver tutorials, training modules, and curriculum design in corporate and academic settings. ​ ​

  • Communication Management
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    ​Exercise best practices of public relations and advertising in print, online, and social networks.​​​

  • Why choose to study at UHD?
    Located in the heart of Downtown-Houston, graduates will have the opportunity to network with employers in one of the nation’s most culturally diverse metropolitans. Our program embraces students from all backgrounds and provides ways for students to tailor their degree based on their career prospects.

    With a 20:1 student-to- faculty ratio, graduates are able to engage one-on- one with professors and connect with their classmates. To accommodate your busy schedule our program offers night, online, hybrid, and summer classes.

    UHD offers one of the lowest tuition rates among state colleges and university. Students who are admitted to the MSTC program are eligible to apply for scholarships and work
    as teaching assistants to help pay for tuition.

    According to a recent study by the American Institute of Research, graduate students from UHD earn as much if not more on the job market than their counterparts from other Texas schools such as Texas Tech and the University of Texas-Dallas

    We look forward to your application!

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