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Master of Arts in Strategic Communication

Enrolling students for Fall 2022 
pending SACSCOC approval

Program Overview

The Master of Arts in Strategic Communication (MASC) is a 30-​credit hour, 100% online program that equips students with the cutting-edge strategic communication skills, research knowledge, technology competencies, and theories needed to create effective community engagement and messaging with culturally, ethnically, and racially diverse public audiences and stakeholders.  With a special emphasis on community engagement, the MASC program promotes community advancement through collaboration and relationship-building by developing students’ abilities to engage diverse communities in organizational, public, corporate, and interpersonal contexts. In recent years, community engagement has become more integral to strategic communication as a way of building credibility with the public, creating more authentic experiences, and facilitating inclusive decision-making with various constituents.

The program will build on students' strengths and prepare them to be advocates in their communities by focusing on several major strategic communication areas: (1) strategic public engagement, (2) stakeholder management and conflict resolution, and (3) crisis communication.

M.A. in Strategic Communication Program Overview with Dr. Darius Benton
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The MASC program prepares students to succeed in a range of jobs, including:

  • social and community service managers
  • city managers
  • community engagement coordinators and managers
  • strategic partnership coordinators
  • communication directors/specialists
  • emergency management directors
  • public and community affairs specialists
  • public engagement specialists
  • training and development managers

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Analyze and critique communication issues, concepts, and theories as they apply to community engagement
  • Develop research analyzing emergent communication practices in local and global community engagement contexts
  • Design tailored responses to community engagement issues by using appropriate technology
  • Create robust community engagement strategies with stakeholders in groups and teams

Graduate Programs
Virtual Information Sessions

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