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M.A. in Nonprofit Management Degree Requirements

Graduate Degree Requirements

The degree requires a minimum of 36 semester hours that includes 18 hours of core classes, 12 hours of electives, and an internship experience/project (worth 6 semester hours). Please see the degree plan below for detailed information on the categories and course descriptions.

Minimum Grade Point Average​

Students must maintain a minimum grade point average of 3.0. Grades of C or lower do not count toward graduation, and two course grades of C or lower are cause for dismissal from the program. Any single grade of D or lower is cause for dismissal from the program.

Trans​ferring Coursework

The Program Director may approve up to 6 hours of coursework to be transferred into the program from another institution. Students must have earned a grade of B or above in a course to qualify for transfer credit. Fill out the Transfer credit request form (pdf).

Degree Plan

 Course 6 Core Classes (18 hours) SCH
​HUM 6302 / SOS 6311
​Principles of Nonprofit Finance
POLS 6310Leadership in Nonprofit Organizations3
BUS 6331Strategic Planning in Nonprofit Sector3
POLS 6311Program Assessment and Evaluation3
POLS 6312Resourcing the Nonprofit Organization3
POLS 6318
Management in the Public & Nonprofit Sector
  4 Elective Courses (12 hours) SCH
​HUM 6301​Principles of Non-Profit Marketing​3
​POLS 6306
​Government Lobbying and Advocacy
ENG 6312Ethical and Legal Dimensions of Communication3
​POLS 6319
​Law and Legal Considerations for Nonprofit Organizations
ENG 6323 Communications and Technology3
SOS  6331Grant Writing for Nonprofit Organizations3
BUS 6333Negotiation and Conflict Resolution3
POLS 6314Leadership Trends / Topics in the Non-Profit Sector3
​POLS 6317
Ethical Issues in Public Administration
POLS 6313Governance of the Volunteer Board and Organizational Behavior3
ENG 6303Public Relations and Media3
SOS 6310 Volunteers in the Nonprofit Sector 3
​POLS 6319
​Weekend Workshop "Special Topics in Nonprofit Management"
  Internship (6 hours) SCH
POLS 6680Internship 6

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