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Graduate Certificate in Leadership and Strategic Planning

Graduate Certificate in Leadership and Strategic Planning

The Certificate in Leadership and Strategic Planning is for nonprofit professionals who want to offer their nonprofit organizations the 21st century leadership and strategic planning skills that are needed to survive in today’s nonprofit economy. These skills will give certificate recipients the ability to positively transform their organizations and provide students with the knowledge and qualifications necessary to effectively lead and manage nonprofit organizations.


  • Courses taught by accomplished faculty and industry experts
  • 18 hours of graduate coursework (6 courses)
  • Directly supports UH system goals by meeting the demands of students wishing to gain expertise in the area, as well as the demands of the large number of nonprofit organizations in the area that need professional management.
  • Provides core level training in leadership and strategic planning and give the students flexibility to focus on the area of nonprofit management that will best fit their future plans.

Required Courses (3 hours each):

POLS 6310 Leadership in Non-Profit Organizations
POLS 6318 Management in the Public and Nonprofit Sector
BUS 6331 Strategic Planning in Non-Profit Sector

Electives (Choose 3):

HUM 6301 Principles of Nonprofit Marketing
HUM 6302 Principles of Nonprofit Finance
POLS 6312 Resourcing the Nonprofit Organization
POLS 6313 Governance, the Volunteer Board, and Organizational Behavior
POLS 6314 Leadership Trends/Topics in Nonprofit Organizations
POLS 6315 Law and Advocacy in Nonprofit Management

Application Process and Materials

Deadlines: Fall = Extended to Aug. 9; Spring = December 2

Complete the Apply Texas general application form
Prepare a personal statement of 500-750 words to describe your experiences in the nonprofit sector and explain how those experiences have prepared you to succeed in nonprofit management.

Submit all official college transcripts from degree granting institutions (applicants seeking admission to this program must hold a BA, BS or an equivalent degree from an accredited college or university in the US or overseas).


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