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Contacts for CHSS Programs and Internships

Department of Arts & Communication

Department Chair, Azar Rejaie
Communication Studies - Toni Hoang
Fine Arts - Azar Rejaie

Department of English

Department Chair, Paul Kintzele
English - Chuck Jackson
Technical Communication - Jillian Hill

Department of History, Humanities, and Languages

Department Chair, Jeffery Jackson
History - Teresa Case
Humanities - Vida Robertson
Spanish - Raquel Chiquillo


Department of Social Sciences

Department Chair, David Branham
Health & Behavioral Sciences - Cynthia Stewart
Philosophy - Andrew Pavleich
Political Science - John Linantud
Psychology - Ruth Johnson
Social Sciences - Joanna Kaftan
Sociology - Joanna Kaftan

Prelaw Advisor - Nancy Lopez

Internship Coordinators

COMM - Creshema Murray
ENG - Paul Kintzele
SOS/SOC/POLS majors - David Branham
SPAN - Raquel Chiquillo
PSY - Susan Henney
TCOMM - Joseph Sample


Student Support

Career Development Center - Shana Reed

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