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Foreign Language Lab

Room 950 North
Hours: Mondays – Fridays

For current schedule, email


  • Lower-level Spanish students may drop by without an appointment whenever a peer tutor is available.
  • Tutoring will not compensate or replace actual missed classes. Students are responsible for content of tutoring consultations.
  • Grading is solely the purview of your instructor. Tutoring services are not an assurance of potential grade impact.
  • Tutors will not edit, spell check, or translate your work. Grammatically incorrect language (including misspellings, accents, incorrect vocabulary) are to be addressed by the student using a dictionary or spell correcting tool.
  • There will be no last minute / same-day tutoring on essays. Upper-level students must drop off (or 'turn in') their written assignment prior to meeting with the tutor.
  • Tutoring services will comment and focus on the skillset necessary to construct and deliver academic-level written responses to class material. This includes, but is not limited to, proper sentence, paragraph, and essay structure.
  • Grammar tutoring will address in-class lessons as assigned by your instructor, and not open-topic grammar concerns.

The Foreign Language Lab is a place to visit, and spend time strengthening your understanding of the Spanish language and culture.

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