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College of Humanities & Social Sciences

Psychology Faculty - Laura Spiller

Laura Spiller

Associate Professor of Psychology

Office: N1058
(713) 221-8645

Dr. Spiller joined UHD as an associate professor in the fall of 2015. Prior to coming to UHD, she was on the Psychology faculty at Midwestern State University for 10 years. Dr. Spiller is a clinical psychologist with an interest in Acceptance & Commitment Therapy. Dr. Spiller teaches courses in Research Methods, Psychological Assessment, and Abnormal Psychology.

​2000 Ph. D., University of Houston, Clinical Psychology

1997 M. A., University of Houston, Clinical Psychology

1993 B. A., University of Texas at Austin

3320 Research Methods

3322 Abnormal Psychology

Dr. Spiller's research interests include understanding the development of interpersonal relationship aggression and developing effective interventions to prevent this aggression. Her research investigates both men's and women's use of a wide range of sexual initiation and influence tactics used to get a reluctant partner to agree to a greater degree of intimate, sexual activity.  This research examines not only how commonly these tactics are use but also how they perceived in terms of acceptability and potential harm. A second line of research includes investigating acceptance-based behavioral approaches to improving psychological functioning and quality of life.  She examines the role of emotional avoidance and lack of values clarity in the development of problem behaviors, including interpersonal aggression, disordered eating behavior, and procrastination. She is also interested in applying the principals of acceptance based interventions to improve student's academic success. She is currently developing a self-directed intervention to decrease behaviors that interfere with academic productivity.

3320 Research Methods

3322 Abnormal Psychology

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