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College of Humanities & Social Sciences

Julie Wilson

Lecturer of Psychology

Office: N1038
(713) 237-5416

​Doctorate degree: Psychology (Capella University)

​PSY 1303: Introduction to Psychology (3) (U)
PSY 2310: Human Growth and Development (3) (U)
PSY 3301: Industrial/Organizational Psy (3) (U)
PSY 3303: Child Psychology (3) (U)
PSY 3320: Research Methods in Psychology (3) (U)
PSY 4309: Psychology and the Law (3) (U)
PSY 4313: Psychology of Prejudice (3) (U)
PSY 4317: Multicultural Psychology (3) (U)
PSY 4395: Special Projects in Psychology (3) (U)

​Dr. Wilson has a PHD in Psychology (specifically Counseling Psychology).  Dr. Wilson also has an MS in Psychology (specifically School Psychology).  She has also had a long counseling and mental health service career in multiple settings (higher education, k-12 schools, and outpatient care). 

Teaching Experience:

2014-present Adjunct then Lecturer Psychology, UHD

2006-present  Adjunct Lone Star College, TX

2010-2015 Adjunct University of Phoenix, Houston Campus, TX

2004-2005 Adjunct Columbia Sate Community College, Columbia, TN

Professional Experience:

7 years as a counselor (Career, Crisis Intervention, and Disability) for Lone Star Community College, TX

1 year as a Psychology Intern Cleveland State University, OH

5 years Middle School Coordinator for Mental Health Programs and Interventions for 6 Middle Schools, TN

1 Year Career Counselor for Columbia State University, TN

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