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Social Sciences Internship Opportunities

Internship sites are grouped by the population they generally serve. However, the agency may have special programs which serve other populations. When an agency serves multiple populations as a part of its primary mission, the agency may be listed under more than one heading.

Note: If you are interested in pursuing an interview with a site, click on the program name and you will see the site's contact information. Because we have so many students in the internship program, please only contact those sites in whom you are truly interested.

Please note that most internship sites only admit interns during the beginning of a semester (to arrange for that current semester) or the end of one semester (to arrange for the following semester).

When you go to an interview, be sure to take the form that the supervisor must sign, see the link to forms and information below.

You are not limited to these sites for your internship. However, you must have Dr. Henney’s prior approval to pursue internship opportunities other than those listed here.

Last updated 6/29/2020 10:56 AM