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Department of Social Sciences

About the Department of Social Sciences

The Department of Social Sciences is an interdisciplinary department with courses in eight academic areas: anthropology, health and behavioral sciences, non-profit management, philosophy, political science, prelaw studies, psychology, and sociology. In addition, we offer core classes in social sciences and a military science program.


Benefits of a Social Science Degree at UHD

A degree in any of the social sciences prepares students to be viable job candidates, demonstrating flexibility, adaptability, and social intelligence. UHD social science students are positioned for success through:

  • Service Learning. The internship program in the social sciences department focuses on developing real-life skills while serving the Houston population through partnerships with local nonprofit agencies.

  • Exceptional Faculty who are dedicated to scholarly activities which promote ethical, quality, innovative research in their respective fields.

  • Co-curricular Enrichment. At UHD, learning goes beyond the classroom. Campus organizations represent the wide-ranging professional and personal pursuits of social science students. In addition, the department offers lecture series, open forums, and panel discussions led by faculty and other respected researchers.

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