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Digital Signage Guide

CHSS faculty can request a slide to be uploaded to the UHD campus digital signage system.  The CHSS web tech has access to upload to both signage systems.   The guide on this page is for the UHD campus digital signage system. 

Digital Signage - Campus Televisions in All UHD Buildings​

Please refer to these guidelines when creating a single slide 'flyer' for digital signage display:

1 - Copyright
The best practice to be sure you are not violating any copyright law, and to avoid any penalties, includes:
a) Abstaining from downloading copyrighted material from internet, including from sites that claim you can download images for “free”.
b) When willing to download an image, first obtain written permission from the author or organization that owns a copyright.
c) When using images that fall under Public Domain, make sure you credit the photo source.
d) Creating your own image, taking your own photograph.

If you need assistance if finding appropriate stock imagery, please contact the CHSS web tech.

2 - Content
Please ensure your slide / flyer contains the following:
a) Organization / Department / Sponsor hosting or coordinating the event (if applicable)
b) Title of the event
c) Date(s) and time of the event
d) Location of the event (or indicate virtual online event)
e) A brief description of the event. This should be short and simple because the time to view a slide on the campus slid​eshow is about 5 seconds.
f) Include a name and email as contact information for the event
g) Slide / flyer content should be readable from a distance (most televisions are overhead). Please use larger or bold fonts and be mindful of the contrast between text and background colors and text against an image.  This is for readability and ADA compliance.  

3 - Layout
The campus digital signage slideshow is a standard PowerPoint slide size of 1024 x 768 pixels with pixels-per-inch (PPI) of 72 also referred as "4:3" ratio.   The orientation of the slide should be landscape (as dictated by the dimensions). (You may download and use/alter the example PowerPoint)

Example file of event slide

Creating a Slide for an Event

Please submit a PDF of your slide (not a PowerPoint file).

Microsoft Word

  • Open a blank document
  • Click on the page layout tab
  • Select size Letter (8.5 x 11)
  • Select Orientation Landscape
  • Set margins to 0.3
  • Create your flyer
  • Save as PDF

Microsoft PowerPoint

  • Open a blank document
  • Select the layout (Home tab, slide section)
  • Go to the Design tab
  • Go to Slide Size on the right and select
    4:3 from the drop down menu
  • Create your flyer
  • Save as PDF

Microsoft Publisher

  • Open a blank document
  • Click on the Page design tab
  • Select the Letter (8.5 x 11)
  • Select Orientation Landscape
  • Create your flyer
  • Save as PDF

Adobe Photoshop

  • Go to file menu
  • Select New
  • Set the dimensions of the document to Width = 1024
    and the Height = 768 pixels and the Resolution to 72 dpi
  • Create your flyer
  • Save for web
  • Set the quality to Maximum or save as a PDF

Adobe InDesign

  • Create a new web document
  • Set the dimensions of the new document
    to Width = 1024 pixels and a Height = 768 pixels
  • Create your flyer
  • Export the graphic to PDF

If you need assistance with these programs, graphics, slide creation, or converting to a PDF, please contact the
CHSS web tech.

Last updated 4/1/2022 5:49 AM