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English Language Institute

Welcome to the English Language Institute, where specialists teach the English language to non-native speakers for university study and professional life.​ ​

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One of ELI's many success stories - Claudia in 2008. ​


The English Language Institute at the University of Houston-Downtown provides quality English language instruction to international and resident non-native students and develops the cultural understanding necessary for academic and career success. Through engaging and authentic materials, the ELI leads students to achieve their individual academic and professional goals.


We strive to help learners build a foundation, gain control, advance their English knowledge and apply what they've learned in sophisticated ways. We do this by remaining:


  • Recruit qualified English instructors who have the appropriate credentials and experience teaching ESL
  • Design curriculum specifically to advance student skills
  • Implement valuable professional development training
  • Strive to meet industry best practices by monitoring the scope, content and quality of services in accordance with CEA and SACS standards
  • Cultivate new programs or courses that address the needs of all international students


  • Encourage students to participate in intercultural exploration and communication activities
  • Collaborate with UHD partners to support internationalization
  • Preserve cultural respect within the global community by modeling acceptance
  • Ease the transition from an educational setting to life through bridge activities


  • Encourage students to become comfortable and confident in their English communication skills
  • Create a supportive environment for students, instructors, and office staff
  • Enable students to gain an understanding of U.S. higher education culture and immigration regulations through access to individual consultation and activities


  • Offer the necessary resources to allow students to personalize the information they acquire

​For additional information, please call 713-221-8047 or email us at

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