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Paralegal Program

​​​The University of Houston-Downtown Paralegal Certificate Program provides students with a comprehensive learning experience in preparation to work as a paralegal.

Students will learn, not only from the instructor who is an attorney, but also from some of the most well-respected paralegals and attorneys in the legal community. At least 25 guest lecturers speak to the students about their particular area of practice, the type of entity in which they practice, and how they utilize paralegals in their practices. The variety of practice areas and experiences offers students a broader knowledge of the legal world than any one instructor could ever provide.
In addition, students participate in a file-to-trial mock trial. Early in the course, students receive the mock trial and are assigned to represent either the plaintiff or the defendant in the civil case. Both individually and as a team, students decide on case strategy and direction. They draft and file pleadings, propound and answer discovery, draft and argue motions, prepare witnesses, prepare opening statements, closing arguments, and witness questions for both direct and cross examination. At the end of the class, they have the mock trial in which each student has a specific role. The outcome of the mock trial is decided by a jury, to whom the students present evidence and argue the case. It is one of the most popular, and most skill intensive, parts of the University of Houston-Downtown Paralegal Certificate Program.

We help you develop the skills you need to have a successful career as a paralegal. Our course helps you fully understand key legal terminology and laws while you develop your investigative research skills that are essential to being a top-notch paralegal, including hands-on experience with industry-standard software used in legal research and litigation support.​

Course Fee: $4,495.00 (Get $100 discount if Full amount paid during registration) 
GET additional $100 discount if registered 10 working days before the scheduled start of the course.
For additional information, please call 713-221-8032 or send an email to:

The program offered on Weekend
Our weekend format is offered on Saturdays and Sundays from 9am–5pm. The weekend program consists of 18 classes.​

Funding For Courses

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