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2D Video Game Design with Flowlab

Does your child love video games? In this class, we will channel that passion by having them learn to build their own! Together with like-minded students, they will build simple video games step-by-step, experimenting with specific tasks and movements, and sharing gameplay with their peers, while learning important STEM concepts of design, problem-solving, and trial/error. They will learn to use the accessible game design program Flowlab — no coding required — a platform used by many professional game designers to prototype new builds. All games will be stored online, so students can gain access after class ends, and, if their game is approved, upload it to Google Play or the Apple Store!

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Who can attend?

Students ages 10 through 13 (5th Grade - 8th Grade)

Designers who want to get started creating their own games and who have a wide range of creative skills.

Recommended Prerequisite​​s

General computer experience and strong math skills or successful completion of a CompuCamp course such as VB.NET, C# or Java.


June 6 - 16 - Monday to Thursday - Two Weeks

           University of Houston-Downtown (Afternoon Session 1 pm to 4 pm)

June 20 - June 30 - Monday to Thursday - Two Weeks

​             Faith West School (Afternoon Session 1 pm to 4 pm)

July 5 - July 14 - Monday to Thursday - Two Weeks

​University of Houston-Downtown (Morning Session 9 am to 12 noon)
Faith West School (Afternoon Session 1 pm to 4 pm)

Tuition: $325 (includes course material, and handouts)

registration typedeadlinetuition
Early-Bird RegistrationOn or Before April 4, ​​​2022
Early RegistrationApril 5, 2022 to May 23, 2022
Regular RegistrationOn or After May 24, 2022

Secure your spot and save on tuition by registering early!

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