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Students aged 10 to 17 who are not content just to use a computer but need to understand the guts of applications and programming will find satisfaction at CompuCamp. This high level, hands-on training is so complete that participants with a working knowledge of an operating system like Windows (Mac and Unix users welcome, too!) will leave with a thorough understanding of the ins and outs of computers. Three sessions let us limit class size so each student gets personalized attention from our skilled instructors. Register early for this one – spaces go quickly!

Courses Offered:​

Hardware Courses​​

Genius, Build your OWN Computer​​

Programming Courses​​​

Coding with Python
Programming with C#
Programming in Java

Game Design Courses​​

ROBLOX: Coding & Game Design
The Electrifying World of 3D Game Design
2D Video Game Design with Flowlab

Animation and Graphic Design Courses​​

Animation with Wick Editor​
3D Sculpting​

For course description, choose the appropriate menu selection on the left side.​

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