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Gaming the History of Civilization: Historia

Historia is a choose-your-own-adventure-styled civilization building and strategy game that covers 4,000 years of world history from ancient times to modern day. Historia combines the very best elements of pen and paper role play games with the most important decisions and advancements throughout human history. So, if you like Sid Meyer’s Civilization game series, and want a chance to rule the world and make history happen, then you should be sitting in this class!

Students will spend the first day playing Civilization on the computer, focusing on the types of technologies, governments and cultures they encounter, establishing a framework for analysis and discussion, which will prepare student teams for the dilemmas and decision-making that fuel Historia’s game play.

In the beginning, your team travels through time to start their very own civilization from scratch by investing smartly in the pillars of the new country, like economy, education, military and science. Along the way, your team will discover the people and places that make Historia happen – like the Persian, Roman and ancient Chinese dynasties – to name a few.

As the story unfolds, and your team solves problems and makes decisions, your own history is made – round by round through interactive game play.

Will your team build an epic wonder of the world? Or raise mighty militaries and build a vast colonial empire instead? Maybe you should invest in education, science and technology and lead the way in innovation and exploration? That decision is up to the team and has far-reaching effects on the civilization you build.

It’s all up to you because – with Historia – you rule!

Who can attend?


Students ages 10 through 14 (5th Grade - 9th Grade)

Anyone who enjoys team based board games or exploring the evolution of our enlightenment.

Recommended Prerequisites

Curiosity and cooperation.


June 3 – 13 – Monday to Thursday – Two Weeks

  • University of Houston-Downtown (9 am to 12 noon)

July 1 – 11 – Monday to Thursday – Two Weeks (no class on July 4)

  • University of Houston-Downtown (9 am to 12 noon)

Tuition: $315 (includes course material, and handouts)

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Early-Bird RegistrationOn or Before March 31, 2019
Early RegistrationApril 1 - May 20, 2019
Regular RegistrationOn or After May 21, 2019

Secure your spot and save on tuition by registering early!

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