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AutoCAD  online course is designed to give you a solid understanding of AutoCAD 2019 features and capabilities.  Every course is designed to use all learning styles from text, audio, video, interactivity, quizzes and practical “Let Me Try” examples.

This course bundle consists of three courses: AutoCAD 2D Drafting and Annotation, AutoCAD Advanced,  and AutoCAD 3D

AutoCAD 2D Drafting and Annotation course is designed to give you a solid understanding of AutoCAD features and capabilities. This course covers Starting with Sketching, Layers, Dimension Styles, Dynamic Blocks and A360. Autodesk AutoCAD is a powerful CAD software helping professionals create 2D drawings faster and with more precision. Its simplified 2D drafting allows teams to work more efficiently by sharing drawings across connected desktop, cloud, and mobile solutions.

The topics include: Introduction to AutoCAD, Getting Started with AutoCAD, Starting with Sketching, LayersWorking with Drawing Aids, Editing Sketched Objects - I  and II, Creating Text and TablesBasic Dimensioning, Geometric Dimensioning, and TolerancingEditing Dimensions, Dimension Styles, Multileader Styles, and System Variables,  Adding Constraints to SketchesHatching DrawingsModel Space Viewports, Paper Space Viewports, and Layouts, Plotting DrawingsTemplate Drawings, and Working with Blocks.

AutoCAD Advanced course is designed to give you a solid understanding of AutoCAD and its advanced features. In this course, you will learn from working with attributed blocks to isometric and technical drawing concepts.

The topics include: Block Attributes, Data, Linking, and Extraction, Reference External Drawing Files, Underlays, Data Exchange, Sharing Data, Drawing Tools, Editing of Sketched Objects, Linetypes, Adding Constraints to Sketches, Hatch Patterns, AutoCAD Customization, Dynamic Blocks, and AutoCAD Sheet Sets.

AutoCAD 3D  course covers Getting Started with 3D, Views of 3D Models, Creating Surface Models, Creating Meshes, and Cameras and Creating the Animation.

The topics include: Getting Started with 3D, Creating Solid Models, Editing 3D Objects, Creating Views, Surface Modeling, Mesh Modeling, and Rendering and Animating Designs.


A working knowledge of basic design/drafting procedures and terminology. A working knowledge of Windows  7, 8, or 10


​12 Months


​$345.00 - Guided courses qualify for Autodesk Certificates of Completion and come with Technical Help Desk support. The course is structured to be completed in order from beginning to end. Once any topic is completed, you will have full access to it at any time for one year after registration, to use as a resource.

​​$295.00 - Flexible course delivery allows full access to any area of the course. Because it is not structured, it is not eligible for Autodesk Certificates of Completion, but it does contain all the same content as the Guided version, including the lecture quizzes for your own assessment. Flexible courses are also available to you for one full year after registration. This allows you to find what you need, whenever you need it.


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