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AutoCAD Civil 3D Essentials

Who Should​​ Attend

Engineers, designers, drafters and professionals with little or no AutoCAD Civil 3D experience.


Highly recommended with working knowledge of AutoCAD 2016 or higher version program.

COURSE includes​​​

Instructor led training and required course materials.

Course Description​​​

AutoCAD Civil 3D Essentials is a 3-day, hands-on fundamentals course for new or limited users. Students learn how to manage Civil 3D data; work with Survey Data; create and manage point data; create, edit and analyze surfaces; model roads, corridors and pipe networks; import and export data and many other features.

Key Topics​

The Drawing Environment

  • Drawing Workspace
  • Drawing Options
  • Drawing Settings
  • Drawing Styles
  • Drawing Templates
  • Project Templates

Creating Ground Data

  • The Survey Environment
  • Creating and Importing Points
  • Inserting Images


  • Surface Creating
  • Surface Editing
  • Surface Styles
  • Surface Labels

Basic Grading

  • Feature Lines
  • Grading Objects
  • Grading Groups
  • Grading Reports


  • Managing Alignments
  • Creating Alignments
  • Alignment Styles
  • Criteria-based Design
  • Alignment Labels
  • Alignment Reports


  • Managing Parcels
  • ROW Parcels
  • Parcels from Objects
  • parcel Styles and Labels
  • Parcel Reports


  • Managing Profiles
  • Surface Profiles
  • Layout Profiles
  • Criteria-Based Design
  • Profile Views
  • Editing Profiles
  • Profile Labels

Assemblies and Corridors

  • The Assembly Baseline
  • Subassemblies
  • Creating Corridors
  • Intersections
  • Corridor Surfaces

Pipe Networks

  • Parts List
  • Pipe and Structure Rules
  • Defining and Editing Pipe Networks
  • Pipe and Structure Labels


  • Sample Lines
  • Section Styles
  • Section Views
  • Volume Tables

Plan Production

  • Configuring Viewports
  • Creating Sheets
  • Creating View Frames

This course is also available as ONLINE e-learning course

If your schedule is not allowing you to take the instructor-led classes, then register for the ONLINE e-learning course.

CLICK for additional information.

Length of Tra​​ining

3 Days (24 hours)


$845.00 (Includes instructor led hands-on training, access to online e-learning course and training materials)

( $795.00 if registered ONE week before the scheduled class date).

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