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Scholarships for IRM Majors

All IRM majors are eligible for several scholarships, based on certain criteria, offered by the IRM Center, industry associations, and foundations.

Any new IRM major, who is registered in at least one IRM course or has successfully completed an IRM course, will receive a $1,000 scholarship in their first semester that will be credited to the student's UHD gator credit account. 

All other IRM majors will be eligible for an IRM scholarship in the fall and spring semesters if they meet the following overall GPA criteria and are registered in an IRM course or have completed an IRM course.  Recipients will be notified after the Official Reporting Day of each semester and the scholarship awards will be credited to the student's UHD gator credit account.



4.00-3.51 $1,000
3.50-3.01 ​$750
3.00-2.80 ​$500


Available Insurance and Risk Management Scholarships

Last updated 4/6/2021 8:55 AM