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Student Supply Chain Management Association SSCMA

​The University of Houston-Downtown Student Supply Chain Management Association (SSCMA) is dedicated to exploring the field of supply chain management, connecting with faculty and industry leaders, and making lifelong friends and contacts.

SSCMA officers are leaders in the supply chain discipline at UHD. St​udent members benefit further by attending site visits, job and interview workshops, and from access to job and internship opportunities.

SSCMA is linked to a number of professional supply chain management organizations locally and globally. 

SSCMA members (and all students) are encouraged to join these organizations and to maintain a professional relationship with these societies after graduation.

The supply chain profession is a study of decision-making sciences that involves many areas, including procurement, negotiation, the management of suppliers, inventory, production and operations, logistics, quality, projects, and industrial marketing and sales.

SSMCA students are recruited by industries such as:

  • Oil and gas companies
  • Transportation
  • Logistics
  • Manufacturers
  • Medical providers

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Students who are interested in becoming SSCMA members, as well as employers who wish to become involved, should contact any one of the organization’s leaders or the advisors listed to the right.​

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SSCMA Leadership

Xinxin Hu, Ph.D.​
Assistant Professor
Supply Chain Mgmt


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