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What We Have Learned From Industry Contact

Companies Are Intrigued.

If you asked us what has been the most satisfying aspect of the process of developing our corporate-driven concentrations, we would say the level of interest companies have shown for our innovative approach.  This is particularly significant because many of the firms to whom we reached out were industry leaders – firms with names that are widely recognized.  Not only did we find that an overwhelming percentage of the firms wanted to be involved, but they were intrigued with our process.  Repeatedly, they indicated that liked what we were doing and how we were going about it.  They also appreciated that we were reaching out directly to companies and deeply engaging them in a process designed to find out specifically what they needed and then incorporating a metric-driven plan to demonstrate that we were executing the jointly designed courses. ​

Companies Like Our Efficient Scheduling Designed for Busy Working Professionals.  ​ 

Several companies indicated they frequently debated the short-term productivity loss while their associates were frequently away from work in order to purse their graduate program versus a more intermediate/long-term benefit of a better educated employee.  Our blended format allows that debate to be more easily settled.  Our professors digitize all of their lecture material, conveniently “chunked” by concept into shorter, more manageable segments – no 90 minute mind numbing lecturers from us!  Throughout the class students will have access to all lecture material on a 24/7 basis.

This hybrid format limits face-to-face class time to one night a week for each eight week term.  The balance of the assignments due each week are in an asynchronous format, allowing busy professionals to fit the time into their personal schedules at a time that is most convenient time for them.  Also, across the entire Graduate Certificate/MBA Concentration group of classes, employees will never be taking more than one class at a time.  To facilitate schedule planning, across the 10 month program, for each particular graduate certificate focus (e.g. Human Resource Management), classes will be scheduled on the same night.  For example, if the first HRM course is offered on Monday night, all of the remaining courses in the HRM Graduate Certificate program will be on Monday nights.


Repeatedly, companies have lamented about the difficulty they are facing because their entry level managers do not have an adequate leadership skill set.  As a result, these entry level managers, who have great discipline knowledge, are not able to generate expected return for company in their initial management position because they do possess the leadership abilities to lead their team to achieve the targeted result.  Not only does this deficiency have a negative impact on the company’s immediate results, but it also causes the firm to have to alter its management progression plan for these individuals.  Further, if this deficiency cannot be corrected, that particular manager will be destined to under-produce or will ultimately separate from the firm.

Because our in-depth course and program development process required heavy incorporation of key management across a wide range of industries, we worked closely with these leaders to determine exactly what skills they were most often observing a deficiency and developed a comprehensive program accordingly.  So our resulting program is not based on what we think, its content is grounded specifically in the leadership areas that industry is continually seeing as deficient in its entry level managers.  We are confident our leadership program will hit the mark for entry level management.  In addition, we have incorporated a comprehensive assessment program for every course in the program.  Our industry partners help us define the core competencies (i.e., course outcomes) for each of the five courses in our entry-level Leadership program.  To demonstrate we executing these courses and correcting key deficiencies in the process, we are course assessing each course every time it is taught.  We can and will provide solid metrics to show the level of understanding each class has achieved for each key competency for each course.  In short, we are pleased to show you we are delivering a program that is meeting an important corporate-defined need.

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