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MBA Core Course Descriptions

There are a total of 20 credit hours that make up the core of the UHD MBA Degree. There are 10 different two credit hour MBA courses that make up the MBA Core. Additional courses in the program vary depending on which MBA concentration you choose to pursue. The MBA Core is comprised of the following classes:​​​

​​Course Number  

Course Title

Course Hours

MBA 6202

Strategic Management


MBA 6203

Managerial Accounting and Budgeting


MBA 6204

Managerial Finance


MBA 6205

Management of the Supply Chain


MBA 6207

Management of Information Systems


MBA 6208

Marketing Management


MBA 6211

Managerial Decision Making


MBA 6212

Managerial Economics


MBA 6213

Management of Organizational Behavior


MBA 6216

Capstone 2
  Total 20
​ ​​

MBA 6201 Leadership, Team Building and Team Management (2-2-0)

Prerequisite: Admission to MBA program, may be taken concurrently with MBA 6202

The difference between successful and unsuccessful organization is not the skill of their managers; it is the skills of their leaders. Managers and bosses are not necessarily leaders.  Leaders motivate people to work towards a common goal they may not be able to see. Leadership is learned - the skills and knowledge processed by the leader can be influenced by continual analysis and refinement. Team building skills are critical for your effectiveness as a manager or entrepreneur. A better understanding of team work can make you a more effective team member or team leader. The issues of team formation, maintenance, reward, and dissolution are addressed in this course.

MBA 6202 Strategic Management (2-2-0)

Prerequisite: Admission to MBA program, may be taken concurrently with MBA 6201

There is a difference in strategic thinking, strategic management and strategic planning. This course exposes students to the relative differences and establishes a strategic framework that will facilitate integration of all other MBA study. It provides the framework for developing and fleshing out the capstone project course MBA 6216 required for completion of the MBA.

MBA 6203 Managerial Accounting and Budgeting (2-2-0)

Prerequisite: Admission to MBA program

Application of accounting data in decisions making; cost analysis as applied in the development of budgets; accounting as a tool for decision-making requiring interpret and explanation of the analysis in the context of managerial decision-making. Individual and group assignments.

MBA 6204 Managerial Finance (2-2-0)

Prerequisite Admission to MBA program.

Analysis of managerial decisions in finance includes financial planning, working capital management, capital budgeting, valuation analysis, portfolio management, capital structure, and ethical and multinational concerns.  Individual and group assignments.

MBA 6205 Management of the Supply Chain (2-2-0)

Prerequisite Admission to MBA program

An analysis of how technology has integrated global information and processes across all functions, purchasing, raw materials inventory, operations, transportation, and logistics and finished goods inventory. It is critical the manager understands how the pieces integrate into the whole and impacts costs. Individual and group assignments.

MBA 6206 Operations Management  (2-2-0)

Prerequisite Admission to MBA program; may be taken concurrently with MBA 6204

Analysis of management of the operations process, including production and service aspects; topics include planning for capacity and location, facility layout, capacity scheduling, inventory management, and quality improvement. Individual and group assignments.

MBA 6207 Management of Information Flows  (2-2-0)

Prerequisite: Admission to the MBA program

An analysis of how the information flows impact an organization’s ability to maintain its strategic advantage through business data communications, database management systems, knowledge based systems, enterprise-wide systems and information control systems. Individual and group assignments.

MBA 6208 Marketing Management (2-2-0)

Prerequisite Admission to MBA program

An analysis of the major marketing decisions of product development and management, demand, estimation, distribution, market structure analysis, pricing, promotion with emphasis on role and impact of technology in marketing management.

​MBA 6210 Legal Environment of Management  (2-2-0)

Prerequisite: Admission to MBA program

Analysis of the areas of law most likely to impact a manager such as contracts, torts, product liability, corporations, securities, antitrust, employment law and labor relations, environmental, criminal, and intellectual property. The curriculum includes an examination of how these areas impact management decisions, negotiation strategies, and associated ethical and/or international operational issues.

MBA 6211 Managerial Decision Making (2-2-0)

Prerequisite: Admission to MBA program

A study of concepts and methods to facilitate decision making; develops an understanding of and ability to supply several quantitative tools and procedures to managerial decision-making situations. Individual and group assignments.

MBA 6212 Managerial Economics (2-2-0)

Prerequisite Admission to MBA program

Analysis of the economic environment in which an organization operates with an emphasis on the microeconomic tools and techniques that can be applied to business decision-making so to enhance the ability of managers to develop effective business strategies. The course utilizes individual and group assignments to understand and solve business problems.

MBA 6213 Management of Organizational Behavior (2-2-0)

Prerequisite: Admission to MBA program; may be taken concurrently with MBA 6201

Understanding individuals and contextual determinants of behavior in organizations; managerial tools, such as conflict resolution, motivation, and communication, to influence and direct employee behavior are addressed. This course focuses on the practical application of behavioral science theories to solving management problems.

MBA 6214 Management in a Global Context (2-2-0)

Prerequisite Admission to MBA program

An analysis of the importance of cultural sensitivity as it relates to all issues in all functional areas within a global business environment. Special emphasis is placed on analysis and assessment of the additional opportunities, risks, uncertainties and difficulties of conducting business across national boundaries. Individual and group assignments.

MBA 6216  Capstone  (2-2-0)

Prerequisites: Completed 28 SCH of MBA courses

At the outset of the program, in MBA 6202 Strategic Management, students choose a project drawn from their current professional experience. Over the MBA curriculum, students, as individuals or teams develop and produce a capstone project that reflects the key components of managing a significant unit of an organization. This project may be theoretical or an actual situation faced by a firm. Upon completion the students present their projects to peers, faculty and industry representatives for review and evaluation.

MBA ​6290 Current Topics in Business (2-2-0)

Prerequisite: Completion of 16 hours of MBA required courses

Studies in a selected current business topic that reflect the changing needs and interests of the business environment; these topics may include but are not limited to accounting, business economics, business ethics, business policy, finance, information systems, international business, legal environment of business, management, organizational behavior, marketing, operations management, quantitative methods for management, corporate social responsibility and sustainability. 

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