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Marilyn Davies College of Business

Graduate Certificate Tuition 2018-2019

What does it cost to earn your Graduate Certificate?

For exact tuition and fees, please visit our accounting and cashiers page.

​Finance Graduate Certificate​$11,200
​Human Resource Management Graduate Certificate$11,200
​Leadership Management Graduate Certificate$11,200
​Business Dev/Sales Management Graduate Certificate
​Investment Graduate Certificate​$11,200
​Project Management & Process Improvement
​Supply Chain Management Graduate Certificate$13,330
​International Business Graduate Certificate​$13,330
​Accounting Graduate Certificate​$13,300

Cost variance is determined by the number of credit hours per Graduate Certificate.

Concentrations with five, three-hour credit courses, plus one credit hour Colloquium include:

​Finance Graduate Certificate
​Human Resource Management Graduate Certificate
​Leadership Management Graduate Certificate
​Business Development/Sales Management Graduate Certificate

​Investment Graduate Certificate


Concentrations with six, three-hour credit courses, plus one credit hour Colloquium include:

​​Accounting Graduate Certificate
​International Business Graduate Certificate
​Project Management & Process Improvement
​Supply Chain Management Graduate Certificate

Cost per credit hour for Concentrations:

​$700 per credit hour


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