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Over the past few years, UHD's MBA program has evolved from a start-up to the largest, fastest growing and most highly rated student satisfaction MBA program in the Houston area. It is sometimes easy to focus on these accomplishments and forget that the MBA degree is a highly sought after degree throughout the world and that both global and local events can impact MBA programs anywhere. In a recent article, John Byrne outlined several 2017 events that are impacting MBA programs around the world:

  1. for the past several years, growth in international applicants to U.S. MBA programs has more than offset the decline in U.S. applications. Donald Trump's election and anti-immigration rhetoric caused many business schools to be concerned about overall enrollments because international applications in recent years have typically comprised 20-65% of the total applicant pool for U.S. MBA programs. In 2017, many U.S. MBA programs did report significant declines in international applicant pools. Did this mean that international students were not as likely to be applying to MBA programs? Quite the contrary! Many Canadian and European MBA programs saw substantial increases in their applications in 2017;
  2. 2-year full-time MBA programs are being scrutinized and evaluated everywhere because on the educational side, schools are facing declining enrollments overall, declining state appropriations and ever-tightening budgets. On the student and business sides, there is an emerging preference for non-career-disrupting options for the MBA as well as graduate courses/programs in specific subject areas; and
  3. there is increasing recognition that political events can directly impact enrollments. The violence that erupted in Charlottesville in August has already had a significant impact on applications to the Darden Business School at The University of Virginia. For international students who do not possess a clear understanding of American politics and protests, it has removed the highly respected Darden School from their list of potential schools for application.

The UHD MBA program watches the external environment closely. For example, our MBA program is a night hybrid program that allows any student the ability to complete his/her MBA without a career disruption. Additionally, we have "concentrations" in specific subject areas that can be taken individually or incorporated into an MBA. If you've been wondering if an MBA is the right career decision for you, I strongly encourage you to attend one of our MBA Information Sessions and learn more about the many positive attributes of UHD's MBA program.

Dean Fields's Blog
By: Dean Michael Fields​​

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Last updated 1/10/2018 9:38 AM