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MBA Scholarships


Each scholarship for students in the MBA Program will have its own unique guidelines in terms of criteria, frequency and timing of awards, the application and forms, deadlines and submission processes.

Marilyn Davies College of Business (MDCOB) graduate students with application questions should direct them solely to the staff in the MDCOB Graduate office at 713-221-8252 or via email to

When scholarships are awarded, recipients will be provided contact information in order to express their thanks and appreciation to the appropriate scholarship sponsor. UHD scholarships are awarded in accordance with all UHD regulations pertaining to nondiscrimination.

MBA Spring 2019 New Admit Scholarships

UHD MBA is offering $2,500 to MBA students meeting the requirements for the scholarship monies.  To be eligible you must receive your admissions decision, be enrolled, and meet the terms of the scholarship monies which include Texas Residency and financial aid eligibility requirements.

  • Requirements are evaluated by the University's Financial Aid Office. 
  • Proof of financial need is predicated upon a current 2018-2019 FAFSA application that shows eligibility for federal financial aid. 
  • Admitted to the MBA Program for Spring 2019 Term
  • Texas Residency
  • Meet Financial Aid eligibility requirements by applying for 2018-2019 FAFSA (
  • Enroll in Spring 2019 courses
  • No application necessary


Last updated 4/23/2019 7:16 AM