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Business Development/Sales Management

Representatives from some of the leading companies in region sat down with College of Business faculty with the goal of identifying exactly what knowledge and skills the business community needs its associates to have.  These were comprehensive, multi-meeting discussions aimed at achieving three important outcomes:
What are the specific student outcomes (i.e., knowledge base, skills) businesses desire from those who complete the entire sequence of classes?
Which courses will best achieve the desired knowledge base/skill outcomes?
What are the core competencies/learning objectives that must be obtained from each course to achieve the targeted student outcome?

A large component of College of Business faculty attended these meetings; rich discussions ensured with the clear focus to achieve the program outcomes, the courses that would accomplish the identified outcome, and the specific core competencies coming from each course that will drive the outcome. 

Also at the meeting were personnel from our Continuing Education (non-credit) division.  The needed knowledge base and skills remain, regardless if they are satisfied with transcripted, graduated credit bearing courses or in specially designed non-credit options This combination allows the College of Business to offer companies a comprehensive solution to their education and training needs in this specific area.


The process undertaken was specifically designed to achieve program relevance.  Our goal was to develop courses that match up with expressed company needs.  To say it another way, our courses and the program for which they are a part will have relevance.  The College of Business will provide industry with a program that is relevant and current – a great basis to drive value to the company.


Industry professionals in the business development area identified five courses they believe should be a part of a viable busines development curriculum.

  1. Advances in Personal Selling
  2. Sales Communication
  3. Integrated Marketing  Programs and Sales Force
  4. Leadership and Managerial Performance for Business Development
  5. Sales Management Strategy



The discussions with business development professionals produced the courses and the corresponding core competencies (course objectives) that are desired from each particular course.  College of Business faculty have developed valid and reliable measures for each core competency.  These accurate measures will allow the College of Business to effectively undertake the assessment of every course each and every time it is offered.  This will enable the College to do two important things.  First, it will have viable process to allow the College to seek to continuously improve the outcome and, thus, that particular class.  Second, the result will allow the College to present a solid metric to demonstrate it is executing the class and providing an outcome that closely matches the competencies identified by the collaboration of industry experts and College of Business faculty.

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