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MBA in Business Development

Group of students dressed in business attire.

​​Why Earn an MBA in Business Development / Sales Management at UHD?

Top sales executives from a variety of industries have come together to define the curriculum and best-practices required for effective sales management. UHD has cultivated their knowledge and expertise, creating a specialized MBA program that sales professionals will find invaluable in accelerating their sales management careers.

Business Development MBA Degree Program Candidates:

For sales leaders currently working in the field of business development, our Business Development MBA program provides new ideas and approaches to customer opportunities, tactics for communicating benefits and strategic sales planning. For professionals wanting to enter the field of business development, it provides a solid foundation of skills required for success, offering the credentials and understanding needed to sharply decrease the learning curve. 

The Skills and Topics Covered in the MBA Business Development Courses Include:  

  • Sales communication, basic to advanced selling skills and techniques
  • Sales leadership, sales strategic planning, and development of sales goals
  • Many aspects of marketing including analysis, e-platforms, promotional marketing, sales and analysis
  • Pricing and margin negotiation,  financial management of contracts
  • Establishing and tracking key performance indicators
  • Effective written and presentation skills


To obtain an MBA degree with a Sales Management concentration, students are required to take 10 separate core courses in addition to the student's chosen concentration courses.

Concentrati​on courses are offered in the evenings, one class every eight weeks, and can be completed over the span of 12 months.  Beginning in fall 2020, courses are also available in an online format. We offer the flexibility and interaction you need and under your control to choose when you need it. The courses include the following:

MBA 6350Advanced Personal Selling3
MBA 6352Sales Negotiation & Communication3
MBA 6354Integrated Marketing Programs and the Sales Force3
MBA 6356Sales Leadership and Managerial Performance for Business Development3
MBA 6358Sales Management Strategy3
MBA 6102Graduate Colloquium  (required for all concentrations)1
Total Hours  16

Complete descriptions of the above courses can be found in our MBA Business Development / Sales Management Course Descriptions.

The core courses are included in our part-time and full-time MBA programs. The core courses include the following:

MBA 6213Management of Organizational Behavior2
MBA 6211Managerial Decision Making2
MBA 6203Managerial Accounting and Budgeting2
MBA 6208Marketing Management2
MBA 6204Managerial Finance2
MBA 6205Management of the Supply Chain2
MBA 6207Management of Information Systems2
MBA 6212Managerial Economics2
MBA 6202Strategic Management2
MBA 6216Capstone B2
Total Hours 20

Complete descriptions of the above courses can be found in our MBA Core Course descriptions.

Please note that for some MBA Business Development candidates, leveling courses may be required.

Additional MBA Concentration Options

MBA in Accounting
MBA in Finance
MBA in Human Resources Management
MBA in International Business
MBA in Investment Management
MBA in Leadership
MBA in Project Management and Process Improvement
MBA in Supply Chain Management


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