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Choosing How the Degree Will Be Focused


The MBA core is comprised of 20 credit hours.

General MBA

If you are seeking a broader based program, you should consider the General Management MBA. This curriculum is designed to provide students with exposure to wider range of areas successful working professionals will likely face.

General Management Concentration

MBA Concentrations

Students seeking a deeply–focused MBA will select among nine different corporate-driven concentrations. Choosing a focus in a selected area will provide the student with the opportunity to take 4-6 courses in specific discipline. Not only will these courses develop a substantial depth of understanding in the area, but the knowledge will parallel needs that have been identified by representatives from leading, highly visible companies. The nine options available for a focused concentration are:

Accounting Concentration

MBA6310 Advanced Tax
MBA6312 Advanced Auditing
MBA6314 Accounting Research and Writing
MBA6315 Advanced Accounting Topics
MBA6316 Professionalism for Accountants                 
​MBA6318​Industry Special Topics in Accounting
​MBA 6102​Graduate Colloquium

Course descriptions for Accounting Concentration

More information on the Accounting Concentration

Business Development / Sales Management Concentration

MBA6350 Advances in Personal Selling
MBA6352 Sales Negotiation & Communication
MBA6354 Integrated Marketing Programs and the Sales Force
MBA6356 Sales Leadership and Managerial Performance
MBA6358 Sales Management Strategy
​MBA 6102​​Graduate Colloquium

Course descriptions for Business Development / Sales Management Concentration

More information on the Business Development/Sales Management Concentration

​Finance Concentration

MBA6360 Ethical and Professional Standards
Financial Forecasting and Behavioral Finance
Capital Markets and Investment Planning
MBA6366 Communication for Finance Professionals
MBA6368Advanced Corporate Finance
​MBA 6102Graduate Colloquium

Course descriptions for Finance Concentration​

 ​More information on the Finance Concentration

Human Resource Management Concentration

MBA6330 Legal Environment of Human Resource Management
MBA6332 Talent Acquisition: Attraction and Selection
MBA6334 Talent Management: Engaging and Retaining Employees
MBA6336 Compensation and Benefits
MBA6338 Strategic HRM
​MBA 6102Graduate Colloquium
Course descriptions for Human Resource Concentration

More information on the Human Resource Concentration

International Business Concentration

MBA6370 Risk Management
MBA6372 International Strategic Sourcing
MBA6374 Ethics, Law and Compliance in International Business
MBA6376 International Logistics
MBA6378 International Banking and Finance
​MBA 6102Graduate Colloquium

Course descriptions for International Business Concentration​ ​

More information on the International Business Concentration

Investment Management Concentration

MBA6360Ethical and Professional Standards
MBA6362 Financial Forecasting and Behavioral Finance
MBA6364Capital Marketing and Investment Planning
MBA6366 Communication for Finance Professionals
MBA6367Investment Management Statistics
​MBA6102Graduate Colloquium

Course descriptions for Investment Management Concentration

​ ​More information on the Investment Management Concentration

Leadership Concentration

MBA6340Supporting the Business Strategy
MBA6342Interpreting an Delivering Business Results
MBA6344Interpersonal Leadership Effectiveness in Business
MBA6346The Business Leader's Role in Talent Performance
MBA6348Leading Teams for Business Results
​MBA 6102Graduate Colloquium

Course descriptions for Leadership Concentration​ ​

More information on the Leadership Concentration

Project Management and Process Improvement

MBA6381Project Management Overview
MBA6382Project Life Cycle-Initiating, Planning and Executing
MBA6383Project Life Cycle-Monitoring, Controlling & Closing
MBA6384Change Management & Leadership
MBA6385Process Improvement Tools & Techniques
MBA6386Process Improvement Applications
​MBA 6102Graduate Colloquium

Course descriptions for Project Management and Process Improvement Concentration​ ​

More information on the Project Management and Process Improvement Concentration

Supply Chain Management Concentration

MBA6320Legal Aspects of SCM
MBA6322Leadership in SCM
MBA6325Decision Modeling in SCM
MBA6324Operations and SCM
MBA6326Strategic Sourcing and Procurement
​MBA 6102Graduate Colloquium

Course descriptions for Supply Chain Management Concentration

​ ​More information on the Supply Chain Concentration

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