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MBA Program

For over 20 years, the Marilyn Davies College of Business has been accredited by AACSB International, the premier accrediting body in the world for business programs.

The decision to enroll in an MBA program and/or which program can have a significant impact on your professional future. There are two winners in this process:  the working professionals who pursue the program, and the companies who hire UHD graduates.

Texas’s largest MBA program is adding online options

We are excited to offer professionals the choice of taking our classes either in-person in our traditional hybrid format or online.  If there are courses you feel you can learn better at home on your own schedule, sign up for the course online.  If the classroom environment is better for some topics, you can take the course in-person with our hybrid format.  It is your choice, for every course.  We offer the flexibility and interaction you need and under your control to choose when you need it.



 UHD offers the largest Master of Business Administ​ration (MBA) Program in the Houston area.  Our affordable MBA program is designed to fit your needs with a flexible MBA option, and also allows you to choose from a wide variety of MBA concentrations.

UHD also offers many industry-designed, Graduate Certificates. These certificates are aimed at enhancing knowledge and skills, like the MBA, but are not as in depth as the MBA program.

Attend our next information session and you could find out why we believe our program is the best valued MBA in the Houston area.


Graduation Application Deadlines

 All students must file for graduation the semester before they are planning to graduate. Graduation applications are submitted online only through MyUHD 2.0 account. To determine eligibility to apply for graduation, review the checklist found on the registrar's graduation site.​

"Why an MBA at the University of Houston-Downtown?"
Because we offer advantages that set us apart from other institutions:


Looking for balance between having a sufficient theoretical foundation and understanding the practical application of the material? We have the answer: Every one of our Concentration/Graduate Certificate classes in each of our options is team taught by Davies College of Business faculty member and a seasoned industry expert.

The Marilyn Davies College of Business faculty member ensures you have a sound theoretical foundation for the material. The experienced practitioner, or Corporate Fellow, is charged each week with giving members in the class immediate takeaways – something the student can often use in the next week to help them better do their job. Students receive a solid theoretical framework with which to approach the material, but also the all-important ability to see its potential application in the work they do.

Would you like 24/7 access to critical lecture material? Our students have it. Every one of our Concentration/Graduate Certificate classes is flipped. That is, the Marilyn Davies College of Business faculty member has recorded the key lecture material and made it available to students. Students view the lecture material as a part of the preparation for class, with the ability to review explanations to gain a better understanding. This leaves the critical class time for, perhaps, clarifying an issue or two and focusing on the understanding of the application of the material.

“Flipping the class” allows us to offer each concentration/graduate certificate class in a compressed hybrid format. All of our Concentration/Graduate Certificate options are designed to be taken one class at a time. This sequential format gives the student the ability to focus on only one class for a shorter time period.

Choices that put you in charge of your degree.
  1. Timing:  how quickly do you need to complete your degree.
  2. Type of program that you desire. 
  3. Your options as to where you start your program.
The MBA Program offers one of the more attractive tuition rates in Texas. While the corporate-driven concentrations are slightly higher than the general MBA concentration, any combination still delivers tremendous value.

This program is designed to provide a differential competitive advantage. Corporations are viewed as customers. Their input has been used to develop corresponding programs that align with corporate needs.

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