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Full Time MBA Program

Full-Time MBA

The UHD full time MBA program provides the opportunity for career acceleration, knowledge and skills increase in as little as one year. The reinvented one year MBA program offers the following distinct benefits:  

For students who may prefer a reduced pace, we offer two year and three year part time MBA programs.

Apply today for our Full Time MBA Program.

Please note that for some MBA candidates leveling courses may be required which may extend the time needed for the completion of the program. The two year and three year MBA programs may not be available to international students. For a complete determination of full and part time statuses, a sequence plan developed with one of the MBA advisors is necessary.

We now offer a Masters in Professional Accountancy

The UHD Master of Professional Accountancy (MPAC) program focuses on the upper level accounting courses required to sit for the CPA exam. Individuals interested in advancing their analytical decision-making skills through accounting would also be a good fit for this program. Learn More.

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