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Students will complete 7 (21 semester credit hours) courses in the MSM Core and 5 (15 semester credit hours) courses in their chosen concentration of Cybersecurity or Enterprise Security.  

MSM Core for all students who wish to complete the degree

SM 6360 Enterprise Security Management
​SM 6362 Risk Assessment and Abatement 
SM 6364 Legal Issues for Security Executives
SM 6365 Cyber Crime and Computer Forensics
MGT 6301 Leadership, Motivation and Communication for Security Executives
​MGT 6302 ​Human Resources Management for Security Executives 
​MGT 6332 ​Managerial Decision Making for Security Executives
(All courses are 3 semester hours)

Enterprise Security Concentration

SM 6361 Managing Corporate Investigations
​SM 6367 Global Perspectives in Security Management
SM 6370 Current Issues in Security Management
SM 6376 Enterprise Security Solutions
SM 6371 Enterprise Security Capstone
​(All courses are 3 semester hours)

Cybersecurity Concentration

SM 6366 Cybersecurity Program Design and Operations
​SM 6368 Information Security-Focused on Data Security 
SM 6369 Cyber-Networked Security
SM 6374 Organizational Resilience 
SM 6375 Cyber Operations Capstone 

(All courses are 3 semester hours.  The cybersecurity may be taken as an 18-hour standalone graduate certificate that would include SM 6365 form the core) 

Students must maintain a minimum 3.0 overall GPA in order to earn a Master of Security Management.  ​


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