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​The fastest growing sector in security is cyber-security.​

Organizations need to protect the computer systems we’ve grown to depend on to perform our daily work, receive customer orders, store our personal information and even secure our homes. This cyber frontier is only going to expand with the constantly growing “Internet of Things.” The more entry points people have to the Internet, the more vulnerable we all become.

​UHD’s Graduate Certificate in cyber security was created with the input of expert computer security managers who protect organizations from cyber threats and risk every day. This graduate certificate can be taken as a standalone certificate or as a concentration as part of a Master of Security Management degree. Our focus is teaching management skills to professionals so they make risk-based decisions that support and protect their businesses.​

“Whether it is people, people’s ideas  or the fruit of people’s hard work,​ those of us who are in charge of protecting these treasures must be able to work within an organization to be successful. That is the focus of this program.”

— Tom Winn
Past Program Director and Alumnus




Last updated 11/5/2020 5:59 AM