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Zafor Ahmed

Zafor Ahmed

Assistant Professor

Office: B493

Discipline: Management Information Systems (MIS)

Dr. Zafor Ahmed is an Assistant Professor of Information Systems Management (MIS) at the University of Houston-Downtown.   He received his PhD from the Sprott School of Business of Carleton University, Canada. Dr. Ahmed has worked for 13 years for the Bank of Canada (Reserve/Central Bank) where he occupied diverse roles with their information technology services (ITS) under the Financial Market & Banking Operations portfolio. Dr. Ahmed possesses over 15 years of industry experience in the area of IT project management, Enterprise Information Systems implementation and Cyber Security as well as a PMP (Project Management Professional) certification.


BSc (Computing and Business) Brock University, St.Catharines, ON, Canada

MSc​ (Computer Science) Brock University, St.Catharines, ON, Canada

​Ph.D. (MIS), Carleton University, Ottawa, ON, Canada

MIS 3302 Information Systems Foundation

MIS 4310 Technical Project Management

​MBA 6207 Information Systems Flows

Dr. Ahmed’s research has been published with well-respected academic journals including Journal of Information Technology Theory & Application (JITTA), and International Journal of Information Management (IJIM).  Dr. Ahmed’s research interest focuses on enterprise systems (ES/IS) implementation, stakeholder engagement, control configurations & control balancing, virtual teams, network and sentiment analysis, and Agile transformations.


Dr. Ahmed is a recipient of ‘2015 GTECH Distinction Award’ for successfully delivering Canadian Government’s Regulatory Reporting System (RRS). He also received ‘BIMTECH-STOUGH Young Scholar Award 2015’, and ‘Dr. G.D. Sardana Young Scholar Award 2019’ for his outstanding research contributions at the International Conference on Management Cases (ICMC), New Delhi, India and ​Marian & Speros Martel Endowed Professorship 2020-2021 at the University of Houston-Downtown.


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